Freebooters coach and former Junior A team player, Paul Smith, was unfortunately diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) earlier this year.

For 50% of sufferers, life expectancy from diagnosis is less than 3 years.

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Developing a Plan of Attack

Some of the web addresses that were mentioned in the above video include: – this is a link to Kevin Eakins the Functional Doctor I am working with who is assisting me with my diet, supplementation protocol and different approaches to fasting – this is the site that has been created by individuals in the US who have experienced ALS (MND) and created a community to share success stories of individuals that have managed to stop or reverse their symptoms  – this is a link to the lab in Miami that I’m hoping to visit in April. They approach MND as a metabolic disease and have had success slowing or reversing symptoms with patients that they have provided treatment to – this is a link to the Hospital in Boston that are conducting some very forward thinking research in MND

Watch this space for further blogs in the coming months where I’ll be providing some further information around different lifestyle and therapeutic areas that I am working on to try to slow my progression. I urge you to share any information with any fellow MND sufferers to help them to understand that there are things they can be doing to help improve their quality of life and to take control of their situation. There may not be a cure available to this horrendous disease but there are many positive steps that a sufferer can take and here at AllPaulTogether we will do everything we can to provide accurate and useful information to support that journey.


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