Freebooters coach and former Junior A team player, Paul Smith, was unfortunately diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) earlier this year.

For 50% of sufferers, life expectancy from diagnosis is less than 3 years.

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Despite a cold and frosty start, we managed to kick off at 6am on Saturday 2nd April in the warmth of the school sports hall. I started with the support of Ant A and his son Joseph, and together we started off a good pace of approx. 7.5 mph. Tim Y joined us around 8am and after 3h 15 mins we had completed 1232 lengths of the sports hall which equated to 23 miles....

Some of the web addresses that were mentioned in the above video include: - this is a link to Kevin Eakins the Functional Doctor I am working with who is assisting me with my diet, supplementation protocol and different approaches to fasting - this is the site that has been created by individuals in the US who have experienced ALS (MND) and created a community to share success stories of individuals that have managed to stop or reverse their symptoms

As we reach the end of another year it seemed a good time to provide an update on our fundraising activity and my own situation over the past two months. As you will know if you have visited the All Paul Together community previously, this year has been without doubt the toughest of my life. Diagnosed with MND in April this year, I have seen how this disease has begun to impact my body over the past eight months whilst...